Luna’s Tides

Luna’s Tides

I’m just sitting here

My eyes staring blankly

My eyes writing rapidly

My thoughts racing thru my damn mind

My heart

My heart somehow still pumping

Still working


How is it that

After everything my heart still manages to pour my love out

Is there not a way to clean up this spill?

Patch that shit the fuck up

As much as i want to forget about you

It’s my heart that refuses 

And i wonder

I wonder how much more of me do you want to break?

To shatter?

At the rate im going my love could fill up oceans

So i wonder how many times i have to drown

Under the tides of my affection for you to realize

That i was always down for you?

 I just don’t understand how you spoke so highly of me and you treated me the worst

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