DJ Nyse on spinning for HOT 97.1, What It Means to be a Heavy Hitter, and more!

DJ Nyse shares how he came up in the DJ world, working on one of the biggest radio stations in the world, what it means to be a Heavy Hitter, a family man in the music industry, and more. 

I personally found Nyse to be very humble as he picked up the FaceTime call playing Modern Warfare, and yelling at his dogs. I immediately started off the conversation with a controversial question that everyone in the gamer world has taken place in.

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: So.. Why XBox over Playstation?

Honestly, I don’t know why.  My daughter has a playstation, I just like Xbox better. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: How has  Hip Hop influenced you as a DJ?

DJ NYSE: If it wasn’t for Hip Hop I wouldn’t be DJing. I love Hip Hop a lot. I loved it so much that I wanted to do more with it. I felt like if I could touch it, that would be so cool. So DJing gave me that door to open for me. I started DJing when I was 14.

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: How did you get into DJing? 

DJ NYSE: I loved the movie Juice with Tupac. THAT movie made me want to become a DJ. It was 100% that movie. If Juice never came out, I wouldn’t have been a DJ. I saw guys up there scratching, and I was like I wanna do that too. Guys like Funk Flex, DJ Enuff, Camilo.. Those guys were big to me, too.

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: You mentioned a couple Heavy Hitters. What does it mean to be a Heavy Hitter?

 DJ NYSE: Heavy Hitters is a team, it’s a brotherhood. It’s a crew of DJs that all have respect for eachother. Let’s say I fly out to L.A, I can always call the Heavy Hitters in LA like ‘What’s good? What’s poppin out here? What’s the hottest music out here?’ Because, every city has different artists. You can always call your fellow Heavy Hitter brother and ask them what’s poppin. First thing I do when I touch down in Miami, I  hit up DJ Entice and I ask him to send me the 3 hottest records that’s in the clubs right now. That goes a long way. Most of the Heavy Hitters are on the radio, or affiliated with an artist. Like NonStop is DMX’s DJ, my boy Quiz is G Eazy’s DJ, it’s endless. It’s dope because I can always link up with an artist if I need a drop or a shout out. If I need help, my Heavy Hitter brothers got me. It was always a goal of mine when I was growing up.

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: What other goals did you have?              

DJ NYSE: To be on HOT 97 , to be a Heavy Hitter, to play outside of Jersey.. To me staying hot where I’m from is important, but at the same time, getting out of the state was a big thing for me.  Those were goals that I’ve had that I have already  accomplished. I would say next up is DJing internationally like Dubai. But everything that I really wanted to do I’ve done. They’ll call me up to Hot 97 for summer mix weekends and all mix weekends. Honestly, if I stopped DJing tomorrow, I would be happy with my career. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: What was it like the first day you stepped into HOT 97? 

DJ NYSE: It was like a dream. It’s like walking into Yankees stadium if you were a baseball player. It’s no bigger than HOT 97, and when it comes to Hip Hop? It’s no bigger station in the world. Especially when you  get there and see ‘on air” comes on? It’s surreal, it’s unbelievable man. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: How did you get there?

DJ NYSE: In my mind, I’ve always told myself that I can do it. If I  want to play somewhere, I tell myself that  I’m supposed to be there. If I don’t get something that I want, all day in my head I’m thinking about why. That pushes me to work harder for everything that I want. Not because I begged for it, but because I worked hard for it.  

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: What is the biggest lesson that you’ve learned during quarantine?

DJ NYSE:  Material sh*it doesn’t mean anything because look at us, we’re all in the same place. Even the millionaires are home. We’re all home. 

 JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: What’s it like doing the show from home? 

DJ NYSE: I actually like it better. I can be in my own lane and play for me. When I DJ in the clubs, I play for the crowd, I don’t play for me. In the club,  I can play Juicy and Hypnotized and then go into Migos because that’s what the young crowd knows. In the live, I can play whatever I want and nobody can say sh* to me. It’s my world.  I can go into Lil Kim, then I can go into Faith. All of it matches. It’s nice to be able to have that open door to play whatever i want without a promoter, owner, or someone requesting things. It’s part of the job, so it’s cool. But I like doing my own thing. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: Do you take requests from people in the crowd or are you like don’t worry i got it?

DJ NYSE: I play them if it makes sense. If I’m in Reggae and they ask for Reggae, I’ll play it. But if I’m in House music, don’t ask me to play Bachata. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: Has anyone ever asked you to play one of their songs?

DJ NYSE: Yeah, man. That’s the worst. I like to hear everything that I play before I play it. If they give it to me and it sounds alright, I’ll play it. I like to support the young and upcoming artists, but at the same time you have to give it to me a day before so I can listen to it. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: How do you avoid playing the same songs back to back?

DJ NYSE: The program that DJs use is called Serato, and it will tell you what songs you’ve played. If the song has been played already, it’ll be a certain color. I try not to play the same two records twice, but a record like The Box by Roddy Rich I would play once during prime time and again  at the end because it was a really big song. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: What do you do if the crowd isn’t moving?

DJ NYSE: I’ll switch up the genre. If I’m playing hip hop and they’re not moving, I’ll switch to reggaeton. It’s nothing wrong with the song, it’s the genre.  

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY:  What is it like when you perform at more than one event in a day?

DJ NYSE: I personally don’t like it, because I have anxiety. I like being places on time. I’d rather make all of the money performing at one spot, than go to 3 or 4 different spots. I don’t like running around being stressed, and having to fly through traffic. I hate it. If I have to do it, then I’ll do it. But, I’d rather stay in one spot. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: From your experience.. Which city has the livest crowd?

DJ NYSE: I would say Atlantic City because you have people from everywhere and they’re all excited to be there and party. Vegas is cool, too. I feel like L.A and Miami are very flashy. I’m mostly in Miami and Atlantic City the most. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: Speaking of Miami, being that you’re part  Puerto Rican, how has being a part of the hispanic culture  benefited you as a dj? 

DJ NYSE: Being Puerto Rican and Italian has helped me a lot because I’m able to translate through both cultures. I’m able to relate to both cultures because of my background. The Spanish culture started me out in the game, so I always show a lot of love and respect to that. I had the Latin scene on smash. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: How did you get the name Nyse?

DJ NYSE:When I was 14 and I used to DJ in my room, all of my  boys would come back and say that I was nice because of my scratching. Everybody would say “Yo, this kid’s nice”  That just stuck. And, I’ve been Nyse ever since. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: How do you balance your at home responsibilities and work responsibilities?

DJ NYSE: They say, happy wife, happy life.So, I try to make sure that my girls (wife and daughter) come first. And, DJing comes second. But, I have to dJ to make sure that they’re good. I have to make sure that they’re happy and spend time with them. My wife is cool though. If she  wasn’t cool, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. She rolls with the punches. That’s a big part of why I am where I am.   

He jokes with his wife in the background and says, “I wouldn’t have answered that question like that if you weren’t here.” 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: At what point of your career did you sit back and think to yourself, “Wow i am where I have always wanted to be” 

DJ NYSE: When I flew out to Miami and I did the Clevelander i was like “Yo, this is dope.” The first time I played in Vegas.. Every time I touch a new state, I look at it as a milestone. I’ve played in islands like St Maarten, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were working?

DJ NYSE: One time I was DJing and I had to run to the bathroom. The bass was so loud on the speakers that it shook the laptop off the DJ booth and fell and the music shut off. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: How did everyone react when the music shut off?

DJ NYSE: If you’re doing a good job, then nobody will  say anything. If you suck, people will say, ‘Boo!” But if you’re killin it, then everyone is fine. 

JEYDAH FROM JERSEY: What advice would you give someone trying to get into the music industry?

DJ NYSE: Stay motivated and meet new people. Networking is the #1 thing in the music business. You have to be cool and talk to everybody. If you stay to yourself, you won’t go anywhere in this industry. Be cool with the upcoming guys, and don’t be closed off because you’ll never win; You’ll lose. I wouldn’t be half of the places that I’ve been if I didn’t network. You have to be humble and never think that you’re better than anybody else, because you’ll never get anywhere with that. 

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