A Very Happy Birthday Shout Out to Randall Barnes!

Randall Barnes is a media business visionary and HBCU advocate from Macon, GA. He is an alumni of Fort Valley State University, as he graduated with a degree in Media Studies in December of 2019. During his matriculation at Fort Valley State University, Barnes filled in as a 2017-2018 White House HBCU All-Star Ambassador for the White House Initiative on HBCUs as well as being a member of the SGA Executive Branch as the Director of Alumni Affairs, External Affairs, Marketing, and Communications.

Barnes is most known for pioneering HBCU Pulse, a multimedia company showcasing HBCUs and their student leaders, in December 2017.

“Happy Birthday Randall! ❤️ You’re an amazing person inside and out and it’s great to witness first hand what you’re doing within the HBCU community and the community as a whole 👏🏾 Keep it up we celebrate YOU today 🎉 I wish you so many more! -Ashlee Davis

Barnes is the writer of multiple books. With my favorite being, “A Queen’s Pain” about HBCU Royal Court life and Student Election Season.

Barnes also shot and directed the “Campaign Season” documentary that can be found on HBCU Pulse’s Youtube channel.

Randall is currently an accounting executive at iHeartMedia Inc and plans to develop HBCU Pulse to be a source for HBCU students to communicate and expand upon their future.

“Happy Birthday Randall! Thank you so much for everything! You are literally the best and I’m so glad to have met you and been a small part of your iconic work with HBCU Pulse! May you have a great birthday!” – Sarah Adewumi

Barnes has always been ready to work as he was also an intern with Aspire TV. Barnes loves to watch basketball during his free time and aspires to be an on air personality. While today is Christmas and the day of exchanging gifts, we must show appreciation to Randall Barnes on his 24th birthday for being a true gift to us all.

Happy Birthday Randall! Thank you for all that you’ve done.

“Randall Barnes is not only the only the founder of the ‘Number one HBCU media outlet’ (HBCU Pulse) He’s the mastermind behind the madness, the Phil Jackson to my Michael Jordan, the glue, heart, and soul of the HBCU community, but most importantly my friend. When I met Randall back in April of 2020, he saw a vision in me that I didn’t even see in myself. Once he brought me on board as the official host of HBCU Pulse I had no idea that I’d become one of the most influential people in our HBCU Community in just a few months. If it’s one thing about Randall he ALWAYS has a plan. I’m extremely blessed an honor to have a friend as good as you in my life. I’m extremely proud and thankful for everything you’ve done not only for myself but for every HBCU student you’ve come in contact with. May God continue to bless you with the gift of leadership! Much love to you bro!” The #1 HBCU Host CDK on the Mic

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