Student Businesses @ CAU: Kreated By Karter

In the spirit of young Black entrepreneurs, Monzell Jones, a Junior Mass Media Major  at Clark Atlanta University, was proud to promote his businesses’ success on campus. Jones explained that he started “KreatedbyKarter,” a custom luxury wig company in 2018. 

The purpose of starting the luxury line was to “provide custom luxury wigs at an affordable price to students and youth for all genders, race, and ethnicities.”

    Jones stated that he always wanted to become a business owner, and found a passion in creating a makeover transition for his clients.“Karter is my alter ego,” Jones said when asked about the origin of his business name. 

He continued,“When I was younger people told me that my name looked like it could be Karter. At first, I was joking and telling people that was my real name. But then, it started to remind me of a business man so I created a mature alter ego of mine.”

Jones believes that he can use his Mass Media Arts degree to work on a set and provide the entire cast with his luxury wigs. Jones has even worked for Shan Clermont, a celebrity influencer. He explains the process of hearing from a mutual acquaintance that Clermont desperately needed her hair done. When Jones contacted her through Instagram DMs, the appointment was shortly booked. Not too long after, he installed, slayed and styled her wig in her home in Atlanta, GA.

While it is great exposure, one may assume that that would reign as one of Jones’ proudest moments. However, the entrepreneur shared that his proudest moment was when he established his own website because the business was officially set in stone.

Jones wants everyone to recognize him as an established businessman who provides excellent services as well as offers world wide shipping. You can book with him on his website

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