COVID-19 vs. the AUC

Anxiety quickly fell over college campuses everywhere as the confirmed cases of the Coronavirus began to skyrocket across the world. As a result, colleges across the country responded to the disease’s outbreak by forcing students to vacate their residential spaces and to continue the remainder of the semester through online classes. Students across the nation were displaced and severely affected from the decisions made by their institutions.   The students of the … Continue reading COVID-19 vs. the AUC

Are You Or A Friend In A Toxic Relationship? Distinguishing Signs.

Hey guysss! It’s been such a long time and I would apologize to you all for being so inconsistent with my work, but I should really be apologizing to myself. This past year has been filled with so much- but my good sis Kehlani once said, “Where there is pain, there is art” And, I thought that was so resonating that I might have to … Continue reading Are You Or A Friend In A Toxic Relationship? Distinguishing Signs.

Horror Movies to Watch this Spooky Season

Watching horror movies  that get underneath your skin has become a Halloween  tradition leading up to the creepy occasion. We watch these sorts of movies for the frightful rushes of adrenaline that they bring out of us. Here are a couple of classic movies to ensure gives you goosebumps this spooky season: The Cabin in The Woods (2012) – Focusing on five teenagers going to … Continue reading Horror Movies to Watch this Spooky Season

My Favorite “Go To” food spots in ATL

My Favorite “Go To” food spots in ATL     There is no surprise that Atlanta is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. With the rise of tourists, the need of the “hot spots” have increased as well. Being that I am from out of state and a self proclaimed food connoisseur, it was my mission to find the best foods that Atlanta … Continue reading My Favorite “Go To” food spots in ATL

“Mature For Your Age”

“Mature For Your Age” Society has a culture of making little girls, especially little black girls, from broken homes grow up quicker than they should. I didn’t grow up witnessing a lot of healthy love and affection in my households and I was forced to emotionally raise myself. So I took, “you’re mature for your age” as the biggest compliment in the world. I was … Continue reading “Mature For Your Age”

Who is Jeydah?`

For as long as I could remember, I’ve kept countless journals, diaries, and sketchbooks (even though I can’t draw) Despite the fact that I’m confident in myself, I have always downplayed my writing. Is it good enough? Will it resonate with anyone? I’ve decided to stop overthinking and just do it. I’ve always aspired to become a journalist and share my thoughts and ideas. It … Continue reading Who is Jeydah?`